Sometimes it’s easier for folks to get hysterical about the ambience, cheers and applause that greets the speaker while he slays and storms the hearts of his hungry audience. I have often heard many greeters talk to me about how inspired they were at my session, how much they loved the passion and energy that radiated from my vibes as I delivered my thoughts as if to almost break their skulls and infuse my message or otherwise subcutaneously scar their virgin minds with my thoughts as through iontophoresis.

However, not many people want to indulge the speakers’ lone times and thought lab, where for hours, his mental engine is steaming with all board members actively involved in working up thoughts as though with the crafty hands of a local ‘adire’ maker, who carefully weaves every frame and form into perfect pieces to end up as the beautiful cloth piece suiting the ‘ashoebi’ troupe, marching elegantly to receive their bride.

This singular act, has seen the rise and not just fall but the permanent disarmament and disappearing of many young, aspiring and potential speakers – they got too frenzy with the lights and rhymes of certain speakers they had admired, but not empathize and fraternize with his private life. They launched out, only to return to shore like a wounded soldier scared by the smell of gunpowder.
Look at it as a chef who makes very nice meals, well decorated as though adorned with bridal makeovers to provide such allure to a potential devourer – hungry intestines waiting to crush it’s new found love. All we see most times is the ambience, the mien and the aesthetics that crowns the restaurant with glory that seems to momentarily apotheosize food over everything else. But hey! behind the chef’s kitchen doors, right in the sink, on the chopping board and even in the garbage can is a lot of trash – sorted and unsorted, essential parts of what has now become a delicacy lying in wait for execution with no clue whatsoever, how they would turn out right.

We all may not get to see the failure of the chef, when he becomes careless with handling vegetables that it gains too much heat than it can manage and becomes as beaten herb, or when he gets too familiar with the oil that it leaves his beard half fried like a careless pressing iron on a white linen. All that glitters is the glamour and lust that the food presents. Same way all that glitters is the vocal acuity, oral sagacity and the theatrics of the speaker. But pause for a minute. Look behind, if you still find that inspiration, if you still find public speaking sexy – then you’re the one we’re waiting for to kick start this workshop.

The Quality of  a speaker is not in the texture of his blazer nor in the correctness of his tenses, but in the quality of thoughts he produces and the measure of change those thoughts provoke and wrought in the life of a desperate and expectant audience.

As Mohammed Ali famously noted “The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses – behind the lines, in the gym, on the roads, long before I dance under those lights”. This speaks about the credibility of his private preparation. As true as the gym and road walk is for Ali, so Private thinking holds true for public speakers – the thought assembly.

In the last 5 years, I have refrained from hosting trainings on public speaking, because perhaps I had got more weightier matters of corporate foreplay to intercept. That did not withhold my phone lines and emails from incessant buzzes from people asking me time and again – “Hey Bryte! could you mentor me on public speaking”, “Hey Bryte! I totally love the way you speak. Could I learn from you?”. And I remember one of my senior friends in the bank who had recently taken to speaking and motivating folks in the catholic diocese, asking me “Hey Bryte! I just started out and I thought to hear your advice”. Boom! we’ve all got it now.

For two days, I will be taking just few of you reading this on a journey to INCREASING YOUR INCOME AND INFLUENCE THROUGH PUBLIC SPEAKING in a closed WhatsApp group right from your home on your mobile. I will be handing you my personal cheat sheet to help you get started, you will get one month FREE mentoring on public speaking from me, and yes! if you’re lucky to be among the first 10 people to click the paylink, you can be sure to get your very first public speaking engagement from me – Brytespeaks.

So quickly go on now and click the link. I will be waiting for you on the other side.

Remember once we get to the number of persons the room can take, we’d be a wrap with the signing up. How would you love to be handed your first stage, I mean your first speaking engagement by me? Then you wanna be among the first 10 people. Hurry now or miss out. Click here

See the flier below for more details.


Click here now to enter….



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