Did you know?

Most times, the things that we do not see or pay attention to, are the strongest deciding factors in either of our success or failures.You may never see your intestines or your heart all through your life, but if you neglect or outsource their care to levity, you may never have a chance at apologising.

In same way, you may never see the receiver or transmitter of the microphone, the amplifier and the speakers (the sound system) yet this is as important as your speech gets successful.

Most people have a hard time loving themselves and that’s a big news. What you don’t realise is that if or not you love yourself determines how you get to be seen or loved by others.

If you always doubt and second guess yourself, if you always never see your light and advantages and pay more attention to your flaws, when you appear before an audience, magically that’s what they will see – it’s psychology. Your level of self awareness is radioactive and can get an audience to love you in seconds….

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