Think about this? Why do you constantly refrain from thinking Big!?

What’s the reasons your imaginations are tailored to suit your pocket size? I can tell you… Its not the size of your pocket that’s the problem, but the size of your Mind.

Many years ago, I dreamt about being a consultant, churning out innovative ideas and refined strategies. I tried out my hands on a few small businesses, I got results. Today I’m a conference speaker, quite pricey ideapreneur – developing innovative solutions for corporate & social solutions.

Hey! There’s 🚫TAX IN DREAMING BIG. Expand your mind, see more possibilities, talk to a coach and be road worthy for your trip to greatness.

🎯For If you constantly aim at nothing – you’d always hit it.


How Never To Lose Your Vision.


In your pursuit of purpose, there’s a time to sow, and a time for harvest, just like life itself. You’ve got to know the difference in seasons, else if you would show up in your planting season expecting to reap a harvest – you’d only get frustrated.
Don’t be in a race with anyone. Do not compare yourself with anyone. Stay in your lane. Quit the race. If you race well enough and become victorious, at best it would be a rat race.

Gain Clarity, for clarity helps you understand what season you are in – whether sowing or harvest. You don’t expect harvest in the time of sowing. You must know the difference between your seed and your bread. I understand they say economy is broke and money is hard and that you’ve got to save. You must also know when to spend the money you don’t have so that you can ultimately have.

If you must achieve your dreams and purpose, you must develop a paralyzed back and deaf ears, so that when they tap your back, you don’t feel it. When they call you, you don’t hear them. Develop a thick back against all forms of malicious distractions, especially from frenemies – enemies in friends clothings. They may also be members of your own households.

Your inability to see the ultimate makes you a slave to the immediate. Keep your vision before you. In this journey, you will lose friends, you might lose money, habits, time and many different things, but in all, if you must lose anything, NEVER lose your vision.
See Big things, Speak Big things an Seize Big things.

I am Bryte.

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